Urmila Chaudhary

Photo: David Aler

As both secretary of SWAN and president of the Freed Kamlari Development Forum (FKDF), an organization she co-founded, Urmila Chaudhary is an important activist and voice of the Kamlari movement of Nepal. She was herself exploited as a Kamlari for 11 years, and the very day she became free she started her resistance. She tirelessly fights for the rights of Kamlaris and other bonded labourers, advocating for their rights and their freedom. 

Urmila speaks at the Oslo Freedom Forum 2012.

Urmila was given the Freedom from Fear Award in 2018 for her 
“courage and determination to put an end to the Kamlari system of child slavery and her fight for the rights of girls, especially their right to education.”

Upon receiving the Freedom from Fear award
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